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A new class…

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Sadly, the children of Year 3 have now moved on with their educational journey.

If you want to visit them in Year 4 follow the links on the right to our school blog homepage.

Why not visit the new year 3 classes as well while you are there?


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Sadly, it is getting to that time of year as you all get ready for the school holidays and being in Year 4 in September!

We thought it would be nice to recollect some of the fun times we’ve had in Year 3 this year.

So, what are your favourite memories of Year 3?

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Well done to all the Year 3 children who performed at music evening tonight. It was a real treat to see you playing the instruments you have practised all year, and even though everything didn’t go to plan, you all did tremendously to get up and ‘have a go’. Well done everyone!

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1GOAL – Education for all

Posted by: | June 23, 2010 Comments Off on 1GOAL – Education for all |

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It might be an astronaut, a professional footballer, a lawyer, doctor, teacher or any number of things. One thing is for certain; whatever you want to be, you need an education to help you get there.

All of us are lucky enough to have been given the chance to be what we want to be, because all of us have the chance to go to school. Sadly, this is not the same all over the world.

Did you know that are currently 75 million children in the world who do not go to school? That means 75 million children who might not get the chance to follow their dreams. 75 million children who are trapped in poverty, because they might not have the chance to improve their lives.

So what can we do about it?

On the 7th July, there will be a meeting of world leaders, and the 1GOAL organisation wants to send them a simple and clear message – Education For Everyone.

You can help too. Nearly 10 million people have joined so far. You can send your message to world leaders here:


Why not see who else is supporting the 1GOAL initiative too? There are lots of videos on their site.

If you want to help children in poorer countries get an education, you can also visit


Your voice can make a difference. Get involved.

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After the typical Manchester weather ruined our fun today, we decided to write a poem (thanks to Mr Sumner for the idea!).

In our poem we listed all the things we would be doing ‘If  it wasn’t raining’.

I’ll start you off.

If it wasn’t raining, I would be climbing a skyscraper with Spider-man.

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the break from school.

Is anyone doing anything interesting this week?

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Manchester Wordle

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In class we have been talking a lot about our identities and the communities we belong to. All of us have links to the city of Manchester, and we are all part of that local community.

We made this piece of art work in our ICT lesson. The bigger words are the ones which were mentioned more often.

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Viking Day

Posted by: | May 17, 2010 | 4 Comments |

What a great day we all had today, thanks to our very special visitor!

What was your favourite part? Make sure you leave a comment!

Viking Day on PhotoPeach

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The Owl and the Pussycat

Posted by: | May 10, 2010 | 8 Comments |

On Monday 10th May, a selection of children from Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to visit the BBC 21cc workshop (that stands for 21st century classroom for those of you who are curious). It was a great day, and it gave the children involved a chance to practise and apply their art and ICT skills in a new way. I’m sure you will all agree that the outcome is absolutely fantastic!


The Owl and the Pussycat from mralderdice on Vimeo.

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Identity collages

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Well done to all of Mr Alderdice’s class for bringing in those pictures for your homework. Here are the fantastic pieces of artwork you made, based upon your identities.

They were made by drawing on an acetate and laying it over a collage.

Identity collages on PhotoPeach

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